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We are a team

of winemakers

In the heart of Italian vineyards, we stand as custodians of the vines.

We call ourselves Heroes of Wine and, with tireless passion, we defend the culture of wine, preserving bottles from hopeless waste.

Our hands are armed with bunches of grapes, and our mission is to share our love of the land and family roots, subtracting industrial wine and returning the art of winemaking to its artisanal origins.

Our revolution lies in educating all drinkers to enjoy every drop of wine with awareness.

We also are pioneers of Anti-celebration: we drink wine and toast with sparkling solution.

And yes, we are ready
to save the world.

Liana Peruzzi (Cuvée Peruzzi)

I've always thought it's a big waste, it's a devaluation of wine. Seeing it wasted like this makes me feel like it's a wine that isn't worth much. As a producer it's a practice I've never liked.

Mattia Marcantoni (Cuvée Marcantoni)

I will always be against the waste of wine in every. “Behind a small sip, there is a lot of work”, so with sparkling wine we perhaps reach the extreme of waste, such as the fact of using sparkling wine only to pour it on people rather than being tasted. It is certainly an impactful initiative, provocative but which achieves an important objective.

Ginevra Coppacchioli (Rosè Coppacchioli)

I find this project intelligent and fun, it is a provocation to bring people closer and curious about the product, making them understand that it is not "cool" to waste a wine. We winemakers want to carry forward this cause, the more producers participate, the more space will be given to product quality.

Andrea Priori (Cuvée Priori)

I liked the idea, I appreciated the choice of Verdicchio, an autochthonous grape that marries the classic method. For us small producers it is a very important initiative and everyone should participate, diversifying the project by territory and companies.