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Stop It.

Italian winemakers are fed up. We must end the reckless abuse of sparkling wine. Now.

A single bottle emits 1.3kg of CO2,

Yet people waste wine


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an address to the art of winemakers and the welfare of the environment

Celebrate like never before

Do it, with Celebration bottles

Start the party with a 6-bottle box of highly carbonated solution.

The perfect pop in
3, 2... 1!

Creating the illusion of champagne is not as simple as mixing sparkling solution with a bottle of wine. It's all about pressure, which mimics the unruly effervescence of champagne.

The revolution lies in marrying non-potable solution with the proven technology used for carbonating still wines.

The enchantment of Anticelebration is encased in strong and durable corks, waiting for their explosive moment.

"ANTICELEBRATION will become the voice of a social movement, being the first to initiate a conversation and tackle an uncomfortable subject, while simultaneously respecting both consumers and producers."

— Wine Meridian

Join the movement.