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Roberto Alfieri

"We create individually crafted expedition liqueurs for each cuvée.
This is a crucial final step in the production of traditional sparkling wines.
The primary goal is to emphasize the genuineness and authenticity of the product, showcase the individuality of each cuvée, and give the product complexity and style that allows one to feel the terroir and uniqueness.

Besides that, our concept is to create wines with minimum sugar added. When we select wines for our collection, we always keep in mind whether it’s good enough to have the Brut Nature version.

It is undoubtedly meticulous work, but our mission is to create diverse wines, not to establish a recognizable unified brand taste.

The Anticelebration brand is a brand of small and talented winemakers, and our consumers should enjoy their creations."

"We want to make it clear to the market that Marche region is a great place to implement the "traditional method" sparkling wine and, through this, you can get different products with different characteristics even though they are made from the same grapes."

— Roberto Alfieri, Chief Consulting Winemaker of the Anticelebration collection.