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Peruzzi winery

Liana Peruzzi shares her family's history of viticulture in the Marche region.

Her wines are distinctive for their main use of the Verdicchio grape, offering citrusy flavors, high acidity and culinary versatility. His approach to the art of viticulture is based on simplicity and conservation of nature.

Her philosophy emphasizes respect for the environment, reducing the use of energy and diesel fuel and adopting minimalist winemaking practices.

Liana has a strong emotional connection to the vineyards and strives to keep the environment as natural as possible.

Priori&Galdelli winery

The passion for wine has always been present in the Priori family. Their winery is distinguished by the use of native grape varieties from the Marche region, emphasizing the uniqueness of the terroir.

The main grape varieties include Verdicchio, Chardonnay, Montepulciano and Merlot, with meticulous attention to cleanliness in the vineyard and cellar.

Their wines are known for freshness and minerality, taking time to develop complexity. The company philosophy revolves around caring for the land and creating distinctive wines. They are so committed to sustainability that they consider themselves custodians of the vineyards.

Mattia Marcantoni

The Marcantoni family's passion for wine stems from a tradition that has been handed down, combined with a desire for innovation.
They use rarely known native grape varieties, adopting an organic approach in the vineyard. Their connection with nature and respect for the land fuels their love of viticulture.

Their wines, such as Bianchello del Metauro and Incrocio Bruni, are fresh, balsamic and savory.

They are strongly committed to sustainability with practices such as using recyclable corks and using lightweight glass.