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Verdicchio grape: everything you should know about the King of Marche plus a bit more

Verdicchio grape: everything you should know about the King of Marche plus a bit more

For Italians this one is not a rarity. On the contrary, it has always been tasted, sipped, put on the tables, gifted and savored. But do you really know everything about Verdicchio? Our new article will help you answer this question.

Verdicchio guide by Anticelebration Media


  • Basic description of Verdicchio
  • Characteristics of Verdicchio grapes
  • Verdicchio and sparkling wines
  • Verdicchio fact you didn’t know
  • Best Pairings for Verdicchio
  • Anticelebration & Verdicchio
  • A sketch of Verdicchio

    Verdicchio is an indigenous Italian white grape variety that specifically grows in the Marche and Umbria regions.

    However its origins date back to medieval times in the Marche region, particularly around Ancona and the hills near Jesi. Only later did Verdicchio spread to Umbria, Abruzzo, Veneto, and even Lombardy.

    So basically it’s one of the oldest grape varieties in central Italy, producing high-quality white wines known for their lively acidity, freshness, and aromatic complexity. Verdicchio wines are often characterized by aromas of citrus, white flowers, and aromatic herbs.

    🤓The name "Verdicchio" derives from the Latin term "viridis," which means "green," referring to the greenish color of its berries even when fully ripe.

    The two main DOCG appellations (Denominazione di Origine Controllata e Garantita) that produce Verdicchio wines are Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi and Verdicchio di Matelica.

    These wines are appreciated both in Italy and abroad for their versatility in food pairing and their aging potential. 

    Descrying Verdicchio grapes

    Verdicchio  is characterized by medium-sized clusters and a pyramidal shape with spherical berries. In addition to this, thanks to slow ripening, it thrives in ventilated hilly areas with warm climates and loamy-clay soils that refine it. Coastal breezes and day-night temperature variations nurture its acidity.

    On the nose, Verdicchio exudes sophistication with hints of pure white fruit, anise, and almond, while on the palate, it boasts balanced acidity, significant sapidity, and a dry fruit finish. 

    Verdicchio + Sparkling Wines: the ideal match

    Verdicchio shines in the production of natural sparkling wines, both through the classic method and the Martinotti method. The first experiments with "champagne-style" sparkling wine date back to the mid-19th century. Verdicchio sparkling wine displays a brilliant straw yellow color with fine and persistent bubbles, offering an intense and elegant bouquet with notes of bread crust and hints of toasted nuts and almonds.

    The taste is dry, warm, quite soft, and fresh with good sapidity and a full and balanced body. Its aromatic persistence confirms the elegance perceived on the nose. Due to these characteristics, Verdicchio is often used to make sparkling wines thanks to its balanced acidity, aromatic profile, and ability to produce fresh and fruity wines.

    Verdicchio: to be savored till the last sip

    Whether aged in steel or wood, Verdicchio has the potential for remarkable longevity, exceeding twenty years in favorable vintages. Its versatility ranges from the production of young wines in steel, which exhibit the typical characteristics of the grape, to wines aged in wood and bottle. 

    For this reason, it is considered by critics one of the best varieties in Italy and ideal for the production of the Classic Method. It is best served at 10/12°C in a long-stemmed glass to concentrate its aromas. 

    Exploring the best pairings for Verdicchio

    Verdicchio is ideal for seafood appetizers or starters. Thanks to its acidity, it also pairs well with vegetable risottos, while its softness is perfect for sea bream, swordfish, and turbot. Its complexity and acidity make it interesting even with white meats such as chicken or turkey.

    Verdicchio: Anticelebration’s firstling

    The first Anticelebration capsule collection for the 2023-2024 season pays homage to the Marche region and its undisputed king, Verdicchio. It is a capsule that tells the brand's philosophy, its mission to break the rules and offer a new culture of conscious consumption.

    Verdicchio sparkling wines by Anticelebration

    1. Verdicchio DOC: a wine from the Marche region with citrus notes and hints of aromatic herbs and bread crust.
    2. Cuvée I Peruzzi: a 100% organic wine obtained from 40-42-year-old Verdicchio vines.
    3. Cuvée II Priori&Galdelli: a single-variety wine obtained from 30-year-old Verdicchio vines.
    4. Cuvée IV Socci: a single-variety wine obtained from 30-year-old Verdicchio vines, aged on lees for 40 months.
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